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Get Cash for Your Gold in Montreal

Have you recently inherited a gold item that you have no use for? Has your gold jewelry piece become obsolete? Whatever the reason for you selling your gold might be, you should only turn to a reliable gold buyer to get the best price. We at Le Lion d'Or have provided cash for your gold in Montreal for more than 14 years. When you come to us, we inspect your gold items carefully to provide you with an honest estimate. Moreover, we have a place for all types of gold, from watches to gold coins.


When you need to sell your gold, turn to Le Lion d'Or. If you'd like to speak to one of our team members before you visit, you can call us at 514-814-8915.

Is Gold Worth Selling Now?


Your gold is worth selling right now for more reasons than one. Firstly, turning gold items like broken watches and coins into cash will enable you to derive their value. It is generally more useful to have the money you need to pay for essential items instead of having these items stored uselessly. Moreover, you can use the funds derived from these items to invest in places like your retirement fund or real estate.

How Much Is Gold Worth?


The amount of cash we pay for your gold generally depends on two factors – the type of item and the current market price for gold. Gold items are rarely pure, and the higher the content of gold in your item is, the more cash we'll pay for it. At Le Lion d'Or, we are committed to providing honest estimates for your gold items.

What Do We Buy?

Gold comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes. At Le Lion d'Or, you can find a place for your gold items, no matter what they might be. We have the expertise to examine gold in various forms, which allows us to always provide you with a fair assessment. Moreover, we do not give preference to any one type of gold item. Some of the gold items that you can sell to us for cash include:

Gold watches in all conditions

Gold rings including wedding bands and engagement rings

Gold necklaces

Gold earrings

Gold bracelets

Gold dental work

Gold bars and coins

Fine gold jewelry

8k, 10k, 12k, 14k, 16k, 18k, 20k, 22k, 24k

Would you like to know if you can sell your gold item to us?

Get in touch with us

Name Brands

At Le Lion D’or, we offer premium prices for name brands such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Fabergé, Harry Winston, Boucheron, Bulgari, and David Webb, among others.

Our Process Is Simple and Secure

When you first come to our store with your gold jewelry, we start with testing the purity in front of your eyes. We scratch a piece of gold on a stone and apply a few drops of acid, which helps in determining the karat of your gold. Once we test all your gold, we offer you a fair price according to the daily market value. If you choose to accept, we will pay you the cash on the spot.

Sell Your Gold for Cash by Visiting Our Montreal-Based Shop

If you are looking for places that give out cash for gold in Montreal, look no further. Le Lion d’Or has been in this industry for years and has a reputable name. We provide honest prices for gold. Get a no-obligation quote for your gold today. We also purchase high-end watches and diamonds. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

Why Choose Us?

At Lion d'Or, we understand that when you're selling your gold, you expect a trusted service and fair pricing. We provide you with that and more. For us, your needs are paramount. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that you receive a fair assessment and the best price. Our assessment is conducted right in front of your eyes in a private space to maintain discretion. We provide you with a fair price that matches the market, eliminating any need for negotiations. In the past, we've assisted countless clients like you in getting the best value from their gold, which is evident in the positive reviews they've left us.

When you choose us to sell your gold in Montreal, you choose hassle-free services, excellent customer care and honest pricing. Please contact us if you'd like to know more about our services.

Contact Us To Sell Your Gold in Montreal

Our team takes pride in offering dependable services to clients like you. Whether you choose us to sell your gold or your watches, you can expect quality services. Please contact us if you'd like to know more about how we can help you.

Sell Your Gold in Montreal

You can always turn to us at Lion d'Or to provide you with a fair price for your gold.

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