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Selling Your Gold?

We purchase your gold and diamonds for cash on the spot.

Bored of Your Watch?

High payouts for luxury watches, yet another great way to cash-in at Le Lion D’or.

Sell Scrap Gold for Cash

We purchase gold ranging in any condition, whether pristine or heavily damaged.

Estimate Cost for Diamonds

Diamond prices are complex, and there are several factors that determine payouts.

Selling Your Jewelry

If your precious jewelry is collecting dust, it’s better to sell it for cash.

Reliable Gold Buyer and Jewellery in the Greater Montreal Region

Whether you need money quickly for further investment or want to dispose of items you don’t use anymore, Le Lion D’or can help. You can sell us your diamond necklace, gold jewelry, high-end watch, and other valuables. We are one of the most trusted gold and diamond buyers in Montreal, serving you since 2006. We will give you the best price for your jewelry, and we guarantee to beat any price that is higher – if you can find a buyer in Montreal who will pay a higher price. Contact us for more information or to get a free estimate of your gold’s value.

What We Buy

Regardless of the reason, selling your valuables can be tricky because you might be unfamiliar with the technicalities behind it. Moreover, many will try to give you an unfair price, which you might agree to because of time constraints or lack of knowledge. At Le Lion d'Or, we provide a transparent environment where you can get an honest assessment of your gold, diamonds and watches. The valuables we buy for cash include:

  • Watches
    If you have an old high-end watch that you do not use anymore, we will buy it from you at the best rate. We will assess your used premium product to check its condition and offer to buy it for cash. Not only that, but we will also repair your watch for you at a reasonable price.
  • Gold
    We specialize in judging the quality of your gold and providing reasonable rates. Whether it's a gold pendant or even a gold tooth, you can trust us to buy it for the price that it deserves. We're committed to giving customers like you an honest price for their gold.
  • Diamonds
    Are you looking for a dependable buyer for your diamonds? Look no further, because we buy all kinds of diamonds at fair prices. You can trust us to examine your diamonds with care and to give you a great price for it.

Honest Service, Great Prices

At Le Lion D'Or in Montreal, we examine your valuables with care and expertise to give you an accurate report of their quality. Our team has the know-how to accurately judge the quality of all kinds of high-end watches, gold and diamonds. After the examination of your valuables, we offer to buy them at the most accurate price to match their value. We can proudly boast of the best prices for high-end watches, gold and diamonds in the city. However, we do not force our prices on you, with our estimates being free of charge.

We Love Our Customers

Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with all our customers, which is why we're completely honest with you from the start. Our business is conducted right in front of you, and all your queries are welcomed. You can book a special appointment with us if you require our services beyond our working hours.

Visit Us Today

You can either contact us for more information or walk into our shop that is conveniently located conveniently at 5840 Boulevard Décarie in Montreal, QC.


Visit us today to get the best price for your gold, diamonds, and other valuables.

Prompt Customer Service

If you want to sell your jewelry in return for cash, we are here. Watches, coins, dental gold implants, diamonds, and necklaces — we buy them all! We are open throughout the week from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM, except on Saturdays. But if you require our services beyond our working hours, we are willing to cater to your needs with an appointment. When it comes to calculating the value of your gold or diamond pieces, we are honest and transparent. We make sure to offer you the highest price possible. The whole process is done in front of the client, and all questions are accepted. You can check our reviews for a better understanding of our services and customer experience.

Gold Prices in Montreal

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Our Prices

Visit Us Today

You can either contact us for more information or walk into our shop that is conveniently located at 5840 Boulevard Décarie in Montreal, QC. 

Visit us today to get the best price for your gold, diamonds, and other valuables.

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