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How to Determine the Value of Your Jewelry in Montreal

A box filled with gold jewelry and various other items

Do you have a jewelry box overflowing with forgotten treasures? Perhaps a collection inherited from a loved one or pieces that no longer suit your style? Le Lion D'or in Montreal can be your trusted partner if you're considering selling your old jewelry for cash. We have been the leading buyer of gold, diamonds, watches, and other valuables in the Greater Montreal Region since 2006. We understand the sentimental value of jewelry, so we take our evaluation process seriously to ensure you receive a fair and accurate price for your precious belongings. Whether you have inherited a collection or have pieces that no longer suit your style, you can trust us to provide a meticulous evaluation and a reliable service.

An In-Depth Look at Our Appraisal Process

At Le Lion D'or, we pride ourselves on providing a transparent and stress-free experience during the jewelry evaluation process, beyond simply offering competitive rates. Here's a detailed look at what you can expect:

Expert Inspection

Our team consists of skilled appraisers who possess a keen eye for detail. They will thoroughly examine your piece and identify the material it is made of, such as gold, silver, platinum, and others. Besides, they will evaluate any gemstones present, noting their cut, color, and clarity. Additionally, they will check for markings that indicate origin or quality, such as hallmarks for precious metals or designer logos.

Advanced Gemstone Analysis

Diamonds are highly valued in the jewelry industry, and our team of experts uses specialized tools to thoroughly analyze them. We use loupes and diamond testers to assess the "4 Cs" - cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight - in detail. These factors play a significant role in determining a diamond's value, and our team's expertise ensures an accurate evaluation. For coloured gemstones, we use specific techniques tailored to their type and quality to ensure they receive an equally meticulous analysis.

Precise Weighing and Measuring

Accurate weight determination is crucial, especially for precious metals like gold. We utilize calibrated scales to precisely measure your piece precisely, ensuring a fair assessment based on its weight. Additionally, we may measure the size and dimensions of any gemstones to create a comprehensive evaluation report.

Market Research and Trend Analysis

Our appraisers stay up to date with the latest market trends by conducting continuous research on the value of similar pieces. They take into account a range of factors that influence market pricing, such as the brand reputation (for designer items), historical significance (for antiques), and overall market demand for specific styles or gemstones.

Transparent Valuation and Competitive Offer

After conducting a thorough examination of your jewelry, we carefully analyze the findings to determine a fair market value. Throughout the process, we prioritize transparency and ensure that you have a clear understanding of our reasoning. Once we have determined the value, we will present you with a competitive offer if you are interested in selling.

More Than Just an Appraisal in Montreal

At Le Lion D'or, we understand that selling jewelry can be an emotional experience. Whether you want to declutter, invest in new pieces, or are simply curious about the value of your jewelry, Le Lion D'or is here to assist you. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation.


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