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Montreal’s Trusted Buyers for Gold, Diamond, Jewelry and Watches

We, at Le Lion D’or buy diamonds, watches, and gold items of all kinds. We are one of the most trusted high-end watch buyers in Montreal. We will match any price you may receive from our competitors. Watches, gold coins, necklaces, rings, gold tooth implants, or diamonds — we buy everything. Contact us today for more information. We offer free estimates on your valuables.

Our Services

We accept:

Gold items:

We buy all kinds of gold, silver, and platinum items– necklaces, rings, old jewelry, pre-owned coins, bars, teeth, and more.

High-end watches:

We buy high-end watches at the best prices and repair them as well.


We provide unbeatable prices for any kind of diamonds – necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more.

All jewelry from major brands:

We pay more for all these types of jewelry.

Our Diamond Buying Service in Montreal

Selling a diamond can be a difficult process when you don't know which buyer you can trust to give you the best value for your item. Le Lion d'Or makes sure you get the right prices for all your diamond jewellery and loose diamonds. We accept a wide range of brands. Reliable and completely transparent, our service aims to ensure your complete satisfaction when you want to get cash easily.

Whether old or new, we understand and respect the feelings and memories you have with your jewellery. That's why we explain in detail the characteristics of your diamonds to give you the best value for the items you wish to sell.

You can trust our experienced jewellers to value all types of diamonds and ensure that colour, carat, cut and clarity are all taken into consideration to give you a great price for the item you wish to sell. Find out more about the 4 C's and our diamond buying service, or call us to make an appointment today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Maximum Value for Your Jewelry

Whether you have broken gold and lose diamonds, we can buy it from you.

Sell Luxury Watches in Montreal

A watch can be a work of art, and we understand the true value of timepieces.

Sell Your Gold at Best Price

Whichever gold item you’ve wanted to sell, we offer fast, easy and guaranteed cash.

We Perform Diamond Assessments

If you are looking for a quick idea of what your diamond might be worth, visit us.

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