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A Guide to Selling Your Luxury Watch

Luxury Watch

If you have owned a timepiece for long and don't wear it anymore, it's best to sell it. The demand for pre-owned watches is huge; you can sell your watch at a good price. At Le Lion d'Or, we buy luxury items such as watches, gold and diamonds Take a look at the services we offer and check out the gallery section on our website for a better understanding of who we are and what we can do for you.

The factors you need to consider if you want to sell your luxury watch are:

1. Note down the model and serial number of your watch A watch’s reference number and model are crucial. Figure out where they’re written and note them down. Serial numbers will help you determine a number that is specific and unique to your watch. This will help you understand the price range of your watch. 2. Research about the market value and demand of your watch It is necessary to be well informed about what you plan to sell. Always be honest about the present condition of your watch with the buyers. Get to know what the present value of your watch is and then compare it with your expectations. 3. Take clear pictures of the watch You need to take clear pictures of the watch you want to sell. Potential buyers will want to get a closer look to determine its condition and authenticity. Take pictures from all angles to give the potential buyers a clear picture. Contact Le Lion d'Or today to sell your watch at a great price!


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