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Gold and precious metals: judicious investments!

a Gold nugget

Are you looking for investment solutions that are beneficial in the long term? Have you ever thought about investing in gold or other precious materials? At Lion d'Or, specialists in buying gold and diamonds in Montreal, we have prepared this article to help you discover the advantages of investing in physical gold. Enjoy your reading!

A unique currency with enduring value

If gold was once part of the monetary system of several civilizations, today it is different currencies that act as exchange money. However, paper currencies have an average lifespan of 27 years and many countries weaken their currency when they want to increase their exports, when they finance public deficits or when they reduce their debt burden. In the end, although easy to do, printing new money can only strengthen a debt. Although gold is no longer a currency with which to conduct your current transactions, it still has the distinction of being part of the reserves of certain central banks. In addition, the value of gold is not subject to the same large fluctuations as the different currencies around the world. For example, a dollar set aside in 1925 would be worth only 8 cents today, while the same amount of gold could be worth just over $200 according to the S&P 500 market index. Gold can therefore become an interesting way to diversify your portfolio by hedging against inflation.

Physical gold in its different forms

Gold can be found in many forms. In addition to jewelry (bracelets, rings, earrings, etc.) and watches, it can be a filling or a dental crown, coins, or bars. These are designed in a wide range of weights, usually from 1 oz to 1 kg, and vary in purity percentage. The bars also usually have a serial number to authenticate them. So, when you sell your gold, you receive an amount that matches the type of item, its purity and the current market price. Do you have some investments in gold or other precious materials and would like to benefit from liquidity to buy products or finance certain projects (retirement, real estate, etc.)? We can buy your gold in Montreal, regardless of its condition. Contact the Lion d'Or team if you have any questions or visit us for a free estimate!


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