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Is buying jewelry a good investment?


Do you own some precious jewelry or your passion for it prompts you to purchase more and are you considering making an investment? At Le Lion d´Or, specialists in buying gold, jewelry, watches and diamonds in Montreal, we know that investing in jewelry can be both interesting and fun. Read on to learn more on the subject!

Significant advantages

There are many benefits to investing in the purchase of jewelry. Here are a few: Their value is stable: quality jewelry sees its value increase over time. Depending on the location of your purchase, your jewelry may lose around 30% of its value. However, a few years will allow it to regain its initial price, or even exceed it. They take up little space: jewelry requires little storage space. This is therefore a collection or an investment that does not require modifying an entire room in your home to make room for it. They can be put on: whatever your jewel, if you appreciate its style and its colors, you will enjoy wearing it. Choker necklaces, engagement rings, hoops (ear rings) and bangles are examples of timeless jewelry that you can wear for a long time and that will become the centerpiece of your wardrobe.

Criteria to consider

There are many things that determine the value of a piece of jewelry. Among these are its precious materials, the fame of its creator (such as the houses of Cartier, Tiffany & Co and Chaumet) and its individuality. Remember to do the following checks: Year of manufacture: Sometimes jewelry from certain periods of history becomes more sought after and increases in value. This is particularly the case with those of Art Deco and the Belle Époque for a little over 10 years. The mark of the creator: finding the mark of the designer of the jewel allows you to certify its quality, but also to double or triple its value. This assures you of choosing a coveted part which will be a more profitable investment. Do you want to sell your jewelry? Located in Montreal, we offer you a free valuation of your precious possessions before purchasing them: take advantage of our quality services by contacting a member of the Lion d’Or team!



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