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The A-B-Cs of Selling Your Diamonds in Montréal, Laval, and Brossard

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If you own quality diamonds of half a carat or more, either set in jewelry or loose, selling them can seem even more overwhelming than buying them. However, the following three points can guide you through the process of selling your diamonds in Montreal, Laval, and Brossard.

About Your Diamond

As you prepare to sell your diamonds, accumulate all the information about your diamond that you can. This includes:

  • certificates of evaluation

  • certificates of authenticity

  • a record of the diamond’s history

The latter does not have to be official. If you do not have proof of purchase or a pedigree of ownership, write out what you know about the diamond, i.e. where it came from, who bought it, when, etc., so you can share it with your potential buyer. 

The Buyer

Look online or through the Yellow Pages to find a reputable diamond buyer with a brick-and-mortar location from which they do business. The builder you choose should have experience and diamond expertise as well as a reputation for being honest and fair.

Also look for a buyer with a commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction. You should feel comfortable in their presence. The buyer you want will offer a transparent evaluation in a secure and private environment. You should be present during the evaluation and free to ask questions. All reputable buyers pay as soon as you accept their offer. 


Even if your diamond has a certificate of authentication and was previously highly evaluated, it may not fetch the same high price. This is due to three main reasons:

  1. Your diamond may have experienced damage and wear since it was bought/last evaluated

  2. The market demand for your diamond’s particular cut, colour, or size may have decreased

  3. There were errors in the original appraisal report


Other things to consider include:

  • whether your diamond was appraised set or loose

  • the impact of fluorescence on the appearance of the diamond

  • the type and exact positioning of all the inclusions

As mentioned above, a trustworthy diamond buyer will openly explain their evaluation criteria and findings.


How to Proceed

Now that you have reviewed the ABCs of selling diamonds in Montreal, Laval, and Brossard, you can request a free estimate with the diamond buyer of your choice. From there, you can arrange to meet the buyer for a full inspection and evaluation of your diamond and the negotiation of the sale.


Le Lion d’Or

If you’re in Montreal, Laval, or Brossard, consider selling your diamonds at Le Lion d’Or. We have a long tradition of offering fair prices for 0.5-carat diamonds and GIA-certified loose or mounted diamonds weighing 1-carat or above.

Since 2006, we have helped countless residents of Laval, Brossard, and Montreal sell their diamonds and other precious stones, gold jewelry, vintage engagement rings, estate jewelry, and more at fair prices. Please contact us for a free evaluation or to discuss your diamonds.


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