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The price of gold is rising: sell yours in Montreal!

Photo of 3 gold bars

The gold market has been on a significant upswing for some time, creating a golden opportunity for those who own this precious metal! Do you have jewellery or other gold objects you don’t need? At Le Lion d’Or in Montreal, we specialize in buying and selling gold and strongly encourage you to take advantage of the current gold rush. Read this blog post to find out more.


Why is the price of gold rising?

In times of uncertainty, such as during wars, conflicts, disasters, recessions and pandemics, gold is always a safe investment. Gold isn’t closely linked to the stock market, so its value doesn’t follow the same ups and downs. This makes it very attractive to investors.

Due to various global economic factors, including inflation and the depreciation of the euro and the US dollar, the price of gold has recently soared to historic highs due to increased demand.


Is it a good idea to sell your gold now?

The answer is yes because it’s impossible to predict the future, and the price of gold will likely fall over the next few years. It’s better to act while prices are sky-high to maximize your profits.


Who can you sell your gold to?

You can sell your gold in several ways, including working directly with reputable gold-buying and -selling companies, using online platforms or going through jewellers and pawnbrokers.

It’s best to go to the professionals to avoid scams and ensure high-quality service. During your visit, an expert will examine the purity of your gold by scratching it on a stone and applying a few drops of acid. This process will reveal your gold’s karat content. After that, your gold will be weighed in front of you. Finally, you’ll receive a fair and honest estimate of its market value. All of this is done free of charge.


Le Lion d’Or: your Montreal destination for selling your gold

Do you have gold jewellery, watches, fillings, dental crowns, coins or ingots? Take advantage of the rising price of this precious metal and get some cash to fund your dream project! If you’re in Montreal, come to Le Lion d’Or. We buy gold in any condition and pay you in cash on the spot. See us in-store from Sunday to Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


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