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Tips for Selling Diamond for Cash

Selling Diamond

Do you have an expensive diamond in your possession that you want to sell for a good price? Selling a precious gem isn’t as simple as it looks and you should restrain yourself from selling it at a lower price. First, establish that the diamond you’re selling is of some value. Le Lion D’or is a trusted buyer in Montreal and will offer you the best price in the market for your precious gems. We provide prompt customer service and answer all your queries. Go through the gallery section of our website to know more about us.

Have a look at the two top tips you should consider before selling your diamond :

  • Be realistic about the selling price Don't expect something grand out of your diamond without knowing its worth. Unfortunately, many jewelry retailers have high markups and could be deceiving when selling them back on the market. Learn about its market value and determine the realistic resale value. You can do so by checking famous online diamond retailers. Keep in mind that your gem is pre-worn and its value will be less than that of a brand-new gemstone.

  • Is it the right time? Diamonds can be a difficult possession to give up as they might have sentimental value attached to them. So before you sell your diamond, ensure that you are emotionally ready to part with it and feel good afterwards with your decision.

Contact Le Lion d'Or to sell your diamond at the best market price!


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