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Trinket or Treasure: How to Determine the Value of an Old Jewel?

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One of the most expensive diamonds, mined in Canada, was recently sold at auction. This large diamond is revered as much for its color-blue-as for its immense size. If even the most valuable gold jewelry can't reach these values, you might be surprised at the value of antique jewelry. Looking to sell antique jewelry? You are in the right place. Read on to find out if your rings, bracelets and other valuables are trinkets or treasures.

Sort Your Jewelry by Category

Trace your jewelry to know when and where you bought it or when the original buyer bought it. Antique jewelry must be over 100 years old. Anything close to that but less than that is vintage. Jewelers consider vintage jewelry to be over 20 years old and of high quality. Did you buy the part at a big box store recently? If so, it's probably not vintage. Purchases made at flea markets, estate sales, and antique stores are more likely to be vintage pieces. You can even find a rare gold coin in these places! Once you've determined where you bought it, consider the design. Vintage jewelry tends to fall into styles such as art deco, mid-20th century, retro, and other styles. Jewelry that is styled correctly is more likely to be authentic vintage jewelry.

Examine Your Jewelry

  • As you prepare to sell your jewelry at Le Lion d'Or, keep these tips in mind. Look for signs of craftsmanship. Mass-produced jewelry isn't necessarily a bad thing either.

  • Examine every surface of your jewelry. A good vintage or antique piece is finished from top to bottom.

  • Jewelers make good pieces of vintage jewelry from fine materials. Diamonds, gold (which is heavily mined in Canada), platinum and sapphires are all considered quality materials.

  • Less precious but vintage quality materials can include silver, amethysts and rhinestones. The base material of your jewelry can increase its value by several hundred dollars or more.

  • Take a magnifying glass. Look for stamps or marks on the metal. Anything made in silver, platinum or gold will bear a stamp.

  • Next, examine the size of the gemstones. Does the gem have an old cut or a European cut? Some sizes are no longer used. An old cut can often increase the value of the jewel.

  • Finally, look at the clasps. The type of clasp used on a bracelet, pin, and necklace can determine which period the piece of jewelry belongs to. The famous lobster clasp, for example, was only used in the 1970s.

Learn How to Sell Your Old Jewelry

Finding your old jewelry can be a fun activity. You may be surprised to find that your bracelet or necklace is decades older than you thought. Once you learn the tips from this blog, you can apply them to any potential antique jewelry purchases you make in the future. When you're ready to sell your jewelry, the experts at Le Lion d'Or are ready to estimate the value of your jewelry and make an offer. Call us today for a free estimate. *Some of the links are available only in French.

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