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What makes Rolex watches so special?

Photo of a Rolex Daytona

For some, it may be difficult to understand why the Rolex brand has such great power of attraction. It certainly offers great models, but with a bill that invariably runs into the thousands of dollars, isn't the product overpriced? As a recognized reference in Montreal for those wishing to sell their Rolex watch, Le Lion d’Or invites you to explore a few reasons that explain the success and prestige of this cult accessory.

A fascinating story

Since its appearance at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Rolex signature has reflected the thirst for innovation and perfection of its founder, Hans Wilsdorf. A visionary entrepreneur, the latter gave birth in 1926 to the immortal Oyster Perpetual, the first waterproof wristwatch in the world. Since then, the company has continued to push the limits to manufacture ever more precise and robust watches. To date, it has filed more than 500 patent applications for this purpose!

Impeccable manufacturing

Rolex spares no means to ensure the exceptional quality and longevity of its watches. The manufacturing process is subject to unusual standards at all levels:

  • The parts used are carefully designed and manufactured by the company and benefit from continual advances in materials science and engineering. Rolex has even created its own alloys, including oystersteel, which belongs to a family of stainless steels also used in the aerospace and high-tech fields.

  • The meticulous assembly of the components is carried out by hand in the sophisticated premises of Rolex. From setting the dial with diamonds to setting tiny gears to syringing infinitesimal amounts of lubricant, every step is meticulously taken care of. Rolex also has its own training center aimed at qualifying its personnel.

  • Rigorous testing is a must for every Rolex before it can reach the market. Its resistance to shocks, temperature variations, magnetic fields, wear and immersion will be systematically tested to ensure product quality.

A jealously protected sustainability

Rolex watches can only be sold and serviced by authorized retailers. So not only do they not suffer from the passage of time, but they have exceptional resale value, especially when accompanied by their original documents and proof of maintenance. If you are thinking of selling your Rolex watch in Montreal, entrust it to specialists who will appreciate its value. At the Lion d’Or, we guarantee you a fair price as well as a very simple purchasing process: do not hesitate to contact us to request a free estimate!


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