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Why should you sell your luxury watch to us?

luxury watches

Do you own a luxury watch and are you planning to dispose of it? Are you looking for a place to sell your watch (Rolex, Cartier, etc.) in Montreal? At Le Lion d’Or, our experts specialize in buying gold, diamonds, jewelry and watches. Read on to find out why you should sell your pre-owned watch and why you should do so with us.

Why resell?

There may be several reasons why you part with your luxury watch, such as financial need or the desire to get a newer watch that has particularly caught your attention. If you no longer enjoy wearing this functional accessory or nothing seems to justify keeping it, resale is certainly a relevant option for you. Why sell your watch to us?

It goes without saying that you want to sell your watch at the best price. Here are some great reasons to choose Le Lion d’Or:

  • Our experience: our team has more than 15 years of expertise in the sale of gold, jewellery, luxury watches and diamonds. So you can rely on trustworthy staff to serve you.

  • We offer a free estimate: we quickly carry out a free evaluation of your possession, without any commitment to purchase on your part. When you decide, we will purchase your watch in cash or by bank transfer.

  • We offer you the right price: we make sure to give you the greatest value for your watch. Our prices are very competitive, whatever the condition of your item. We take into account several parameters (brand, model, condition, rarity, age, etc.) to determine the value of your watch with precision.

  • Our process is very simple: we are able to meet you in store to discuss the specifications of your watch and provide you with a quote, at the same time. If you cannot come, we can agree on a place and a time to carry out the evaluation of your property. Either way, the process is safe and secure.

Do you want to sell your luxury watch (whether it's a Rolex or another brand) in Montreal with complete peace of mind? Contact Le Lion d’Or: we work with professionalism and make sure to provide you with reliable and quality customer service!


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