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Factors that Determine a Diamond’s Value


It's no secret that diamonds are truly a girl's best friend. But, just how are you to know the real value of those that you hold closet? The four C’s are the main factors that contribute to determining the overall value of a diamond: cut, clarity, color, and carats. When it comes to diamond’s value, you're going to have all the information you need. Let's get this dive into the value of diamonds started and figure out what diamonds are worth.

It's All About the Angles

The first factor that determines the value of your diamond is the cut. When you're looking at diamonds, the way that the craftsman has intricately cut the diamond can make or break its overall elegance and appeal. The way that a diamond is cut allows it to release its fire and is responsible for the light reflected off the surface of the diamond. The sparkle and shine you're witnessing is the light rebounding off every angle of the cut and bouncing back at you.

Flaws Show Through

The next factor you need to know about when it comes to diamonds is the clarity of it. Clarity describes the level of purity of a diamond, referring to any and all flaws that may reside within the diamond. These flaws are typically known as blemishes or inclusions. The thing to know about clarity is that if your diamond has more blemishes, its value will decrease, but if it has fewer defects, not only is the value increased but so is the rarity of the diamond. Diamonds go through a grading process that determines their clarity on a scale. After the grading, you'll understand the exact amount of flaws that your diamonds possess.

Pick a Color

If you hadn't guessed by the heading of this section, the diamond color would also affect its value. While most people might enjoy adding some color to their diamonds, if you're looking to understand the value, the less color, the better. This is because people want diamonds that sparkle, and when there's too much color in the diamond, light isn't able to reflect off the diamond. Therefore, less color means more reflections, which equals more sparkle and shine.

Size Matters

The size of the diamond will play a role in the value of the diamond. The more carats your diamond, the more it's going to weigh. And when a diamond weighs more, that means the price of the diamond will continue to rise as well. We know that's music to your ears, especially when you're looking to sell your diamond in Montreal.

Can I Sell My Diamond in Montreal?

When looking for a diamond buyer in Montreal, you've got to understand what makes the diamond valuable. The less color your diamond has and the more carats, the more valuable it'll be. Meaning the more money you can expect from selling it. If you're unsure of where to sell your valuables, contact us at Le Lion D'or. Not only do we buy diamonds from Montreal residents, but we also specialize in both gold and watches.

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