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How Can You Determine the Value of Your Jewelry?

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You want to get rid of some jewelry? Are you planning to sell them and want to get the best price? At Le Lion d'Or, we are the reference location in Montreal where you can resell your jewelry without worry or doubt. Read on to find out how to estimate the value of your gold!

Parameters to Consider

Several elements must be considered in order to accurately assess the value of a piece of jewelry. In the case of gold, it is necessary to take into account its purity, its weight, the presence or not of a hallmark and the current gold price. You can observe some of these parameters yourself, while others require the eye and tools of a professional.

How Important Is the Carat?

This unit is used to measure the mass of precious stones (diamonds, etc.) and to indicate the purity of certain metals, such as gold. Since pure gold is 24 carats, the lower declinations (12, 14, 18, 22, etc.) indicate a lower percentage. For example, a 12-karat object contains 50% pure gold, while an 18-karat object contains 75% pure gold. In terms of weight, this means that an 18-carat object contains the equivalent of 18 g of pure gold for 24 g of alloy. While expert analysis can accurately determine the purity of a piece of jewelry, the hallmarks are also a good guarantee of its authenticity and value. In some cases, symbols will be engraved directly into the metal. An eagle's head, for example, announces a value of 18 or 22 carats, while a shell indicates 14 carats. In other cases, numbers will indicate the quality of the gold, such as .583 for 14 carats or .916 for 22 carats.

Equipment Used to Recognize Metals

To establish with certainty the quality of a piece of jewelry, the professional has a touchstone and different acids at their disposal. It is by lightly scraping the metal with the stone and depositing a drop of the appropriate acid that a professional is able to identify the number of carats. Careful observation can also determine whether or not it is a plated metal. Finally, he uses a Measurement Canada-approved scale that meets the accuracy requirements of the Weights and Measures Act to weigh the object and then compares the weight to the price of gold. Are you looking for a transparent, reliable and professional place to assess your valuables? At Lion d'Or in Montreal, we are the right place to sell your jewelry. Contact us for more information on our services!


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