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The Value of Vintage Watches: Reselling Your Watch

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A luxury watch is more than a beautiful timepiece to wear on your wrist; it is also an investment that can grow over time. Depending on its brand, provenance and rarity, a watch’s value can grow incredibly, even in Brossard. In fact, a local watch broker recently sold a late 1960s model watch to a collector for $300,000. That’s a 1,500% increase in less than 60 years.


Now, the watch in question was a rarity, one of approximately ten of its kind. Still, it certainly illustrates the value local vintage watches can hold, especially when a professional watch buyer is involved.


What Are Vintage Watches?

Any watch over 25 years old is considered vintage, but several factors determine its financial worth to buyers and collectors:

  • Brand: Rolex, Breitling, and other luxury brands tend to keep or grow their value.

  • Replacement Parts: An authentic vintage watch may have replacement parts that are not a 1:1 value match.

  • Condition and Working Capabilities: A working vintage timepiece in good to excellent condition will always sell well.

  • Rarity: As we saw above, rare models fetch top dollar.

  • Age: Watches grow in value over time.

  • Provenance: In Brossard, as in much of the vintage watch world, there are trusted and preferred watchmakers and countries of provenance.    

Why Resell Your Watch?

Reselling your watch is like cashing in a savings bond. If you need to access money or no longer wear or care to own your vintage watch, selling it is a great way to earn back your investment and possibly even more. If you follow vintage watches or general fashion trends, you may decide that now might be the perfect time to cash in your watch investment.


How Do You Resell Your Watch?

The easiest way to resell your watch is to take it and any authentic packaging and papers to a knowledgeable watch and jewelry buyer. The buyer will discuss the watch and its value with you. Be sure to inquire about the terms of payment, i.e. cash, credit, bank draft, before you proceed with the sale.


Where To Resell Your Vintage Watch in Brossard

Le Lion d’Or has been a trusted diamond, gold, and watch buyer since 2006. We would be happy to assist you with the resale of your vintage watch. Please get in touch with us for a free evaluation and quote.


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