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What You Should Know Before You Sell Gold for Cash

Sell Gold for Cash

Gold and other precious metals are reliable long-term investments and stores of wealth. If you have inherited some old gold coins or own an old gold dental work or some jewellery, you can sell your gold in Montreal for some instant cash. The process of selling gold is fairly simple, quick and safe at Le Lion d'Or. We are one of the most trusted buyers of gold and diamond jewellery, high-end watches and other valuables in Montreal. Our experts use honest and transparent methods for price calculation.

There are, however, certain factors related to the buying and selling of gold that you should know. Certain factors to consider for a smooth and worthy transaction are:

  • Whether the Buyer Is Listed With The Better Business Bureau (BBB) or Not – Certain travelling gold buyers might not be listed with BBB as they keep changing their names and locations. Do check if the prospective buyer is registered or not to avoid scams.

  • Current Gold Prices – You can check current gold prices from before selling your gold in Montreal. You should know that craftsmanship and aesthetic value are often irrelevant unless they are known brand names. You will get paid for only the gold items’ melt-down value and diamonds value if any. Also, pawn shops or certain jewellery shops might hesitate to share the exact gold price with you. They might initially offer unreasonably low prices if they feel you are not aware of the exact price. Even if the shop tells you the gold price, double-check to ensure it is the correct amount you should receive per gram.

  • Weight of Your Gold Item – Try to find out the exact weight of your gold item before visiting the buyer. You can use scales or quarters or loonies to find out the weight. Also, find out the purity of your gold item. Twenty-four karats gold refers to pure gold and 12 karats would refer to a 50-50 mix of gold and other metals like silver or copper. For instance, if you receive $1000 an ounce for your 24-karat piece of jewellery, then you would get $500 an ounce for 12 karat gold.

Contact us for a free estimate. We assure you the best price as we guarantee to beat prices from other buyers.


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