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Resell Gold Jewelry At Fair Prices In Montreal

If you have any useless gold jewelry that is collecting dust, consider selling them. They are worth significant amount of money due to their precious metals and stone content. At Le Lion D’or, we proudly offer one of the industry’s fairest prices for all your old gold jewelry. Our office is located in Montreal, where we offer free, no-obligation testing and valuation of your precious items. Our staff in Montreal is trained and experienced to give you a hassle-free experience and will provide you with an accurate rate at the very start so that you can resell gold jewelry. Please contact us to know how we can help you with our safe, reliable and quick services.

Types Of Gold Jewelry We Buy in Montreal

Whether you have broken gold chains, unmatched pairs of gold earrings or a beautiful piece of jewelry you don’t want anymore, we can help maximize the value of such items. We will pay you a fair price for all kinds of gold jewelry, including:

  • Gold Rings

  • Gold Earrings

  • Gold Necklaces

  • Gold Bracelets

  • Gold Chains

  • Class Rings

Even if your gold items have gemstones set into the gold, we can determine their weight, and evaluate the gold content. If you want to keep a particular gemstone and sell the gold, we can remove the gemstone safely without damaging any part of the piece. If your jewelry is set with precious stones, we can buy them without deducting any weight or offer if you’d like to sell your diamond. You can read our blog for tips on determining the value of your jewelry and more. Of course, you are always welcome to give us a call or drop by our store in Montreal if you’d like to resell gold jewelry.

Reasons To Sell Your Gold Jewelry in Montreal

Le Lion D’or offers a safe way for you to exchange any gold jewelry you have no use for same-day cash that you can utilize in better ways. Some of the key reasons to resell gold jewelry with us are:

  • Get rid of old, mismatched or broken pieces to make room for more jewelry with the money you get.

  • To get extra cash in hand.

  • To declutter your jewelry box by selling the pieces you no longer want or need.

  • To reap the advantages of increases in the price of precious metals.

Do you also have questions like “how do I sell my gold jewelry in Montreal?”. If yes, feel free to call us today to learn more about gold reselling.

Reliable Gold And Jewelry Buyers

When you want to resell gold jewelry for cash, drop by our store in Montreal to get a fair and free estimate on your valuables.

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