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How to sell your luxury watch?

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Do you own a luxury watch, but you no longer wear it? Many people would probably be happy to wear it on their wrist. So why not resell it and get some money back on your old purchase? Our experts at Le Lion d’Or - buyer of gold, diamonds, jewelry, etc., located in Montréal - they explain you how to sell your luxury watch.

Provide the relevant documents

Ideally, you have kept all documentation for your watch, such as original purchase receipts, overhaul book, and maintenance invoices. All these papers guarantee the authenticity of your property, prove that you have taken care of it and make it easier to estimate its value. The sale will therefore be much easier to conclude and will be done more quickly.

Choose your buyer

Your watch will mainly interest two types of buyers: an individual or a boutique that acquires luxury accessories, such as Le Lion d´Or. In the first case, the sale may be longer and more complex. You need to take beautiful photos, write and publish an ad on a classified’s platform or a specialized site and, finally, sort the offers. What's more, you must stay on the lookout for possible fraud ... In the second case, you are dealing with a qualified professional buyer who can guide you through the process and whose reliability you can easily establish.

Estimate the value of your watch

To estimate the value of your watch, you must first take note of its serial number, model and brand. This will help you determine the price range in which your precious possession falls. Then, to further specify its sale value, you must consider, among other things: its general condition, its "age", its origin and its rarity. If you are reselling to professionals like Le Lion d’Or, this valuation is borne by the buyer and performed by an expert. Do you own a luxury watch from Tudor, Cartier, Rolex, or Patek Philippe, for example? Rather than letting it accumulate dust in the back of your drawer, consider selling it to a trusted buyer like Le Lion d´Or in Montreal and get it for a fair price, in cash. Contact us or request a free estimate for your watch now.


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